Warm Weather Reds.

redsWarm Weather Reds

For most consumers, warm weather calls for white wines. Yet there are several red wines that are perfect fro hot weather, dining and entertaining.

When the sun starts bating down in the summer to a sizzle, heavy red wines can turn soupy and tiring. Try to think of rose (actually a pale red wine), gamay, pinot noir, or even cabernet franc. All should be chilled lightly, especially light-bodied versions.

These wines are best enjoyed as 12 – 14 C. Chilling big, full-bodied, heavily oaked reds like cabernet sauvignon, syrah wines, and Barolos accentuates their tannin, hide their fruit flavours, and leave them tasting dried out, and often bitter.

Beaujolais, made exclusively from gamay, is ideal for chilling and goes with everything, except may be very light seafood.

Ontario gamay wines can be a good substitute for Beaujolais. High-end pinot noir from Burgundy is not a candidate for chilling, not should it be considered a light wine, but entry level pinot noir from this fables region, Languedoc, and Ontario are just fine for hot and humid days.

Many cabernet franc wines constitute part of Bordeaux or meritage blends, but pure cabernet franc from Bordeaux or Loire (Chinon, Bourgueil) or Ontario is a perfectly chillable hot weather wine full of berry flavours and slightly “spicy”.

Try any of the following and see how you like them:

Lulu Pinot Noir, Languedoc
Pinot Noir Baron Philippe de Rothschild
Pinot Noir L.Jadot
Gamay Macon, Bouchard Pere et Fils
Beaujolais G. Duboeuf
Beaujolais, Mommessin
Baujolais Village, Bouchard Pere et Fils
Pinot Noir, Mission Hill Winery
Sullyzwicker Red, Rosehall Run Winery
Grils Night Out red
Gamay/Zweigelt, Pelee Island Winery


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