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Warning to bicycle enthusiasts


If you live in Toronto and to buy a bicycle, read this.

A year-and-a-half ago, I bought a bike from TREK Bike Store on 2063 Yonge Street, an upscale store that promises two years of gratis tune ups and minor repairs.

When I brought my bike for a minor adjustment, the repairman called me an hour before pick up time informing me that the drive chain should be replaced at a cost of $ 70.00.

The same chin costs $ 14.50 at any Canadian Tire store in Toronto.

I politely declined. I had requested a brake adjustment and nothing else.

Six months later, I brought in the bike for a brake adjustment again. This time, another repairman called (60 minutes before the specified pick up time) to say that the repairs would cost $ 344.00, stating that wheels had to be replaced and cables cleaned and much more. When I said that I could buy a new bike for that amount, he said:” That would be the best thing to do.”

I repaired the bike myself and the bike has been functioning perfectly ever since.

Would you buy from this store that provides such service?

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