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Waste Free Kitchen Handbook

The author deserves a lot of credit fro writing this highly informative book to prevent more waste in homes across the continent.

Despite a growing awareness of food waste, many family matriarchs sadly lack enough know-how to change their habits, partly out of convenience, mostly out of ignorance, and upbringing.

The average North American family wastes at least

$ 130.00 (2017 dollars) every year due to buying the wrong foods at the wrong time, or buying too much, or over-portioning meals, or failing to better use leftovers.

Using leftovers by employing a different approach has been practiced, and continues to be practised for millennia in developing countries.

In the Waste Free Kitchen Handbook Dana Gunders dispels the illusion that food waste issues require a lot of time to eliminate.

In this practical book she recommends ways to shop, to store foods, provides recipes, explains cooking techniques, and suggests ways to prevent food borne illnesses.

Each chapter is colour-coded for easy reference.

This book will save a lot of money, make you healthier, and if you follow the sage advise, also help the environment.

Highly recommended to all people running households or living alone, and even chefs.



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