Watermelon – A hot Summer’s Delight.

Nothing beats a mouthful of this refreshing juicy fruit. With its bold red flesh, satisfying crunch, and cool green shell, watermelons make a welcome treat on hot summer days. Watermelons can be eaten or “drunk” as they consist of 90 % water.

There are many varieties (Tom Watson, Irish Grey, Thurmond Grey, Florida Favourite, Kleckley-sweet, Kleckley-improved, Early Kansas, Excel, Klondike, Pride Muscatine, Iowa King, Iowa Bell, Harris Early, Chilian, Cuban Queen, Dixie Queen, Yellow Ice Cream, Golden Honey) with a range of weight from 20 – 35 lbs. (10-15 kgs.)

In the USA (Texas, Michigan Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado and Florida) are big producers and shippers, but Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and Croatia are also known to grow and export considerable amounts.

Watermelons are an excellent source of vitamins A, B6, C and are rich in potassium. They are also rich on lycopene, known to prevent prostate and other types of cancers.

Fat-free and calorie-poor, watermelons are highly recommended for dieting individuals.

Through scientific manipulation, watermelons today are practically seed-free, smaller and sweeter than only a decade ago.

Watermelons are enjoyed cold, sliced, or in fruit salads, but may be served with a fresh mint leaf as an amuse guel to refresh the palates of diners.

Watermelons are also along with other soft fruit and sprinkled with lemon juice to make a refreshing cold soup, welcome in hot days.

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