Four Ways To Treat Yourself To A Holiday Tour


Want to learn how to spice up your vacation travel? Think about possibly signing up to take a holiday tour this year, possibly entailing either an adventure into things you’ve often wondered about but never tried, or a chance to immerse yourself into a total cultural experience. There are literally thousands of these wonderful tours out there; you just have to find the one that suits you the best.

Family Adventures

A family adventure is just the thing for kids, and adults, to experience after working so hard the rest of the year. This kind of holiday tour can be as physical, educational and just plain old fun as you wants it to be. Whitewater rafting and camping trips in the Colorado rockies, two weeks on a horse ranch in Wyoming, or even an archeological dig in Mexico or Egypt, all of these are possibilities for a family with a good sense of adventure.

Gourmand Tours

Pretty much every country in the world has something that they are known for, especially when it comes to food and drink. By signing up for the gourmand type of holiday tour, you will be able to travel to a country of your choice, and be able to completely immerse yourself in the culture there. Imagine being able to tour vineyards in the South of France during the day, sampling only the best vintages of wine available. At night, you would dine in popular cafes, eating the best dishes from top rated chefs, yum!

Literary Immersion

Have a favorite author from the past that you would love to learn more about? There are literary retreats that will give you a glimpse into what would have been the ordinary life of a great novelist or poet, in locations all over the world. Spend a few weeks in the garret rooms of Emily Dickenson, for example, or at Walden, the home of Thoreau. Visit Paris, and trace the steps taken by Proust to favorite cafes, or the foggy streets of London, where Dickens spun his tales.

On The Open Sea

Another journey that families, singles and even couples will enjoy are those that take place on the open water. You can experience life on a sailing ship, helping to conduct period tours for classes of seniors and students, experience what life was like in a fishing village on the coasts of Spain and Portugal, or become a deck hand on a large schooner plying the waters of the Atlantic on a historical reenactment. The options, like your imagination, are limitless.

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