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Five Ways Wine Tourism Can be Affordable.

Wine TourismWine Tourism

Nothing gets in the way of a wine trip like a bad economy. Let’s face it, we can be a little richer just by going to the closest merchant of fine wines and sipping the flavors with our eyes closed, hoping to feel the California breeze or the Tuscan sunset. It sure beats the high costs of actually going to these places. But it does nothing to replace the actual experience. But the truth is that wine tourism doesn’t have to cost you your end-of-year bonus plus be next year’s credit car debt. The following are five ways you can expand your pallet and your life experience at the same time:

1. Purchase Travel Packages

Even your most basic Club Med in Europe package is going to allow you the chance to experience a whole host of native wines. Why configure your own logistics and spend the extra money doing so when you can take part in a trip already planned for you? More importantly, why go to all that trouble when wine is what you’re after anyway?

2. Promotions Have Potential

There’s no getting around the fact that the overwhelming majority of travel deals, giveaways, and promotions online are too good to be true and are in fact exactly that. But wineries can’t exactly count in street traffic to earn them spare business so they’re constantly offering visitors unique options and incentives to get their behinds out to wine country. This is especially the case in California, where the state is experiencing an ongoing mini-recession and tourism is in high demand.

3. Drink and Bike

Skip the expense of a rental or other engine-powered travel when traveling through wine country. Whether it’s Napa Valley or the foothills of France, the land is sure to be beautiful, so why not take your time? Cycling can save you lots of money on your travel expenses while at the same time individualizing your experience and making it far more memorable than it otherwise would if you just took a cab from one winery to the next.

4. Instead of from Winery to Winery, go from Table to Table

Who says you need to visit the winery to get the fine wine experience? The few select wineries of your choice are certainly a must, but for the remainder of your travels why not stop by as many local inns and taverns as possible to enjoy a glass or two of the local wine of choice? You’re not only drinking the wine in its natural habitat, you’re experiencing the local allure of the wine in question as it’s been for centuries. It makes for a more natural, less refined experience, which the same could be said for the wine you’ll encounter.

5. Don’t Forget About the Winery Around the Corner

Depending on your geographical region you may have beautiful wineries nearby or relatively close enough to travel to cheaply. For example the state of Missouri has a wide variety of vineyards producing popular wines, but the average American would hardly guess a state like that would have such a wine status. You won’t know until you go.

Wine travel is not impossible on a limited budget. It just requires some planning and a dedication to getting the best deal. In tough times such as these, such can only be expected. If wine is your thing, then visiting the vineyards and wineries of your dreams isn’t impossible so long as you’re willing to do what it takes to get there.

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