Wildfire Steakhouse and wine bar – Toronto.


Located close to the Highway of Heros in Toronto, this steakhouse is frequented by locals, Torontonian’s in general, and many other suburbs,

The cozy wine bar with a view of the busy Yonge Street serves a fine selection of wines by the glass, and cocktails.

The dining room next to the bar sports an extensive display of wine bottles, and is furnished with heavy, dark- wood chars and tables. There are several alcoves for groups seeking semi-privacy.

There is a mid-sized banquet room on the second floor.

The open kitchen concept allows patrons to observe cooks preparing dishes.

Parking is available around the corner after 6 p m.

The restaurant serves lunch and dinner.

The lunch menu is relatively short, offering an omelet (sic), burger, simple sandwich ($ 19.00), artichokes, and mixed seafood grill ($29.00).

The dinner menu offers 12 appetizers ($ 10.00 to $ 16.00), four pastas ( $ 25.00 to 35), six seafood plates ( $ 27.00 – 40.00), and steaks in various sizes and cuts ( $ 46.00 to 56.00), six side dishes, four grilled meats ( $ 25.00 to 50.00).

A separate menu is presented after clearing the main course dishes.

The wine list is very extensive, arranged geographically, and contains a relatively large selection of Ontario and British Columbia labels, but the largest selection is from France, Italy, the U S A and other traditional wine producing countries.

Wine service and service in general is knowledgeable and competent.

The food is well prepared and presented, but meat portions are larger than standard in the city corresponding to high prices on the menu. Side dishes appear of the bill separately.

It is customary in North American steakhouses to serve and charge separately for side dishes, whereas seafood and veal, lamb dishes, come with vegetable and starch, i.e potatoes or rise.

Overall, Wildfire is a meat lover’s restaurant with an excellent wine list that offers competent service in a pleasant steakhouse environment.

3438 Yonge Street, Telephone 46 483 4800

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