Wine & 7 Things That You don’t Know about Taste Buds.

wineWine & 7 Things That You don’t Know about Taste Buds

Wines come in different tastes and wine tasting is a skilled profession. It is an art and some people are so good at it, they can tell the difference between thousands of wines. How many of us know that that many tastes even exist? What we learnt at school was basic tastes – sweet, sour, bitter and salty. There are lot of theories and debates over tastes and taste buds and here are some facts about your taste buds that even you didn’t know.

1. No one can see all of your taste buds

If you are trying hard to recall the diagram you once saw in school and trying to locate your taste buds, forget it. The diagram is proved to be inaccurate and tasting has found a new meaning. You can’t see all of your taste buds because they are in your tongue, top of your mouth, your throat and even your stomach. When you put something in your mouth, these receptors receive the taste and send the relevant signals to the brain to make a decision.

2. Everyone isn’t a good taster

The number of taste buds in every human being is not the same. There are some tastes that only few people can feel while the others are totally ignorant of them. There are as few as 2000 and as many as 10,000 taste buds in a single person. There is a fun blue food color test to know how strong your sense of taste is. To check, you add a few drops of it on your tongue and see how pink it becomes. Greater the level of pinkness on your tongue, greater is the number of your taste buds.

3. Flavor and taste are two things

Flavor is a combination of taste and smell. There are so many dishes which you would not like if you didn’t inhale the aroma. We don’t even notice this in our daily lives. If you have just been swallowing your wines, you have been missing something. Try sniffing it while you drink and see the difference in the experience.

4. The purpose of taste buds

Taste buds are there to help us in differentiating between edible and non edible substances. What tastes is generally edible and poison is bitter. Taste buds act as a filter so that we may know if something has gone bad.

5. You can program your taste buds

What you like or do not like is not something fixed for life. If you decide to change, you can and you can also program your taste buds to like the things that you decide to eat.

6. Tasting ability changes with change in hormones

You might not like what you liked before when you are going through hormonal changes. Women can see a change in craving throughout their cycle. The tastes and wants change a lot during first few weeks of pregnancy and after menopause.

7. Taste buds have a life

Yes they keep growing and dying and also get destroyed when you eat or drink something too hot. Their average life is less than 15 days.

Knowing these facts about your taste buds, you can surely be more aware and understand more when you pick up your next glass of wine. You might even realize that the ones which tasted the same now taste so different. Go out and try the huge variety and flavors of wines with your new found taste buds!

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