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Wine for Food.

wine for food

Wine for Food.

If you are looking for wine for food you have come to the right place. We on Winesworld have a search place where you can find the right wine to your food. Visit wine for food and see how easy it is to just click on the food and Winesworld comes up with good wine selections for that kind of food.

Wine has had a long history of being served as an accompaniment to food. The early history of wine has it origins as another dietary staple and a beverage that was often more sanitary than the local water supply. There is little evidence that much serious thought was given to pairing particular dishes to particular wines with most likely whatever wine was available being used. However, as culinary traditions in a region developed, so too did local winemaking tradition. Read more on wine for food onWikipedia.

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Wine for food.


  1. Would be great if you made it into iPhone app, so that I always know which wine to pick 🙂

  2. I agree. Would love to see an iPhone app. Going out is when you really need a quick reference on wine pairings. I sometimes find myself go blank when ordering food and wine, as you’re usually involved in conversations when ordering.

  3. Great article on Wikipedia for those getting started. At some point though personal preference will come into play after some experience. For instance pair or complementing for many dishes is great, but I really love a sharp contrast with some dishes.

  4. Red wine is good even for teeth so it can be consumed after meal. White wine instead damages your tooth enamel.
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