Wine and Good Health.


Hundreds of reports were and still are produced every year by medical researchers about the health benefits of moderate, daily wine consumption all over the world. All claim that approximately 300 millilitres of wine, especially red wine, helps the body function well.

Dr. L Pasteur, one of the early researchers, stated that wine is the sanest alcoholic beverage due to its moderate alcohol content and several chemical components. In his days, wine in general had 12 per cent, and often lower alcoholic strength.

In the 20th century, with more medical knowledge and highly sophisticated techniques, researchers determined that wine induces the body to produce HDL (high density lipoproteins), improves cardiovascular health, reduces stress, and increases the appetite of the sick.

Some researchers even claim that judiciously chosen wine consumed in moderate quantities can help with weight loss.

Researchers have established that one to two drinks daily for men and one for women reduce heart disease by 30 per cent. Doctors note that smoking reduces HDL, while exercise and alcohol increase it.

In France, Italy, Germany, wine consumption is high (France approximately 50 litres, Italy approximately 53, Germany 20).

In both the United Kingdom and the U.S.A per capita wine consumption ranges from 18 in the U.K and 11 in the U.S.A. In both of these countries mortality from coronary diseases is much higher

(50 per cent) more than in France, Italy, and Germany.

Studies confirm that postoperative patients who drink moderately are calmer; morally more balanced, and have better appetites than those who do not.

The blood pressure of moderate drinkers, especially wine drinkers tends to be low, and alcoholics experience the opposite.

Plato 428 – 348 B.C), the famous Greek philosopher, mathematician, writer and student of Socrates said: “Nothing more excellent or more valuable than wine was ever granted to mankind by God”, and Dr. L. Pasteur “Wine is the sanest alcoholic beverage” as stated earlier in this article.

Greek mythology created Dionysus, the wine God, and Romans, Bacchus. Both were highly regarded.

The Bible contains some 450 references to wine and wine consumption.

Dr. E Maury claims wine to be the best medicine of all, and Fagon, Louis XIV’s personal physician, prescribed wine for king’s gout.

First century Greek pharmacologist Dioskurides wrote a series of five books stating that wine is digested easily, helps you sleep, warms your body and provides life-prolonging constituents (referring to minerals and vitamins).

The inhabitants of countries where per capita wine consumption is high (40 litres and above) live expectancy is longer than those with low consumption. Authors of such studies fail to note that diet, daily exercise, and/or stress-free life help prolong life expectancy too.

Wine contains beside alcohol, vitamin B, and six other vitamins, more than 22 aromas, and 15 – 20 minerals. Red wines contain more iron, are free of sodium, and high in potassium.

Pinot noir wines contain reseveratrol known to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

And Pliny the Elder said it best: “ Wine refreshes the stomach and sharpens the appetite”.

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