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The Wine Lover’s Daughter

Anne Fadiman, the daughter of Clifton Fadiman, reminisces in this loving portray of her father, Clifton Fadiman who was a renowned American literary critic, editor, and radio host, whose greatest love was wine.

Fortunately, he could afford he best of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rheingau, in Germany, and Piedmont in Italy.

At the beginning of the 20th century, now world famous chateau wines from Bordeaux, were selling for $ 2.00 or less a bottle in New York, compared to today at more than $ 1000.00.

Part of this phenomenal increase is based on inflation, another part is the fixed number of produced annually, but more or less the biggest contributor is clever and effective marketing.

The author writes abut the family’s roots and how offspring’s grew up in New York totally absorbed in American culture and way of life.

She is an accomplished and wonderful writer and has written a book not only about her father, but about taste in general, and wine in particular, by visiting specialized taste research laboratories and subjecting herself to taste tests to determine the reasons for her not being a wine aficionado.

The Wine Lover’s Daughter is a touching book on every level, between father and a loving offspring, bringing memories of every parent,

The most moving parts of the narrative are chapters that describe in great detail her father’s last years, and how a great mind deteriorates over time, even with the best food, wine, and comfort.

Clifton Fadiman’s aphorisms about wine are interspersed in

teh narrative are worth the price of this excellent oeuvre that every wine lover should read and savour.

An enjoyable, educational well written and excellent book everyone can enjoy.
Highly recommended.


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