Wine: The only option for celebration.


From wedding celebrations to retirement’s parties and social gatherings, one thing makes the celebrations complete. Wine, yes you heard it right though. Wine is a great remedy for celebration, be it any occasion. However, enjoying the party and creating a positive ambiance depends upon your decision of indulging in responsible drinking and hosting. Similarly, in order to make the most of the occasion through wine drinking, one must keep in account some key factors.

Below are listed some key imperatives that you cannot ignore if you wish to make the most of the occasion though use of wine.

1.) Responsible drinking

One must follow the rules when it comes to consuming wine. If in a party, one must indulge in responsible drinking in order to enjoy the occasion to the maximum. Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers should avoid taking wine though. Other factors that make or mar a party should also be kept in mind while consuming wine. In addition to the amount of wine consumed one should keep an account of their weight, gender and the overall health. The thumb rule to enjoy a social gathering through wine is not to take more than one drink per hour. This accounts for four ounces of wine per hour. Stick to the rule regardless of amount of food you consume during this one hour period.

Follow this thumb rule and you will be able to enjoy the occasion to its maximum.

2.) Responsible hosting

Wine is a great medium for celebrating any occasion. However, as a host, you will be able to realize this objective of turning the occasion into a joyous gathering only if you indulge in responsible hosting. It is your duty to ensure that the guests remain within their limits and stick to the thumb rule of consuming wine as per standards. This will not only add elegance to the party but will make the same an occasion that you will cherish long enough.

You can plan activities in the party in such a manner that the guests get to take a glass of wine after an hour only. This will itself limit over indulgence and your guests will enjoy the party too. Ensure that you serve food that is rich in carbohydrates. This helps the body absorb wine at a slower rate. Your guests will be in high spirits all the while and you will be able to serve the objective of the party with everyone enjoying to the full.

The role of the bartender also becomes significant when it comes to serving wine. Ensure that you have a professional person at job who knows the work well. This will result in maintaining the ambiance of the party as the guests will only be able to get the desired dosage of wine every other hour. Never let the guests make their own drinks as this can create unnecessary nuisance causing great inconvenience to others who are not taking wine in the party.

Encourage the use of ice and non carbonated mixers as some fruit juices. These help in slow wine absorption. Additionally, measure the amount of wine carefully before you serve these to the guests.

Ensure that you stop serving wine to the guests at least an hour before the party ends. This not only gives the guests sufficient time to socialize but you will also get adequate time to interact with the guests. Mingle with them and share some light moments. This will help you make the most of the party and cherish the occasion. Additionally, you will get time to arrange transportation for guests who have indulged in consuming excess wine.

Judicious consumption of wine not only adds elegance to the party but also ensures that people who tend to keep away from wine also enjoy the party to its best. One worthy way of doing so is to clearly mark non alcoholic beverages. This will help others in the party too to relish the occasion and enjoy the party.

3.) Wine and Health

Wine is great for health if consumed responsibly. This itself makes it a perfect fit for celebrations as if it is consumed responsibly it acts as a great health tonic. Wine if consumed within limits helps in stimulation of gastric juices and thus enhances in the digestion process. Some recent studies conducted have suggested that wine if consumed responsibly helps in reducing the gum diseases to a great extent.

These multiple factors make wine a great drink for any celebration, be it a wedding or any other family gathering.

Follow the above listed guidelines and ensure that everyone in the party enjoys the occasion.

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