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Wine Production and Quality

English invented wine writing. They were wine drinkers, but never produced wine seriously, but could objectively write about it.

Now hundreds of books are published in England, the U S A, Canada and Australia.

Some are full of beautiful colourful pictures and more suitable for coffee tables, others address wine lovers, may are technical and informative, and a few list value wines from several wine producing countries.

Wine Production and Quality by two qualified authorities addresses students of wine, home winemakers, and people studying to become sommeliers, of late, a popular profession in English speaking countries.

In France and Italy, sommeliers have been serving restaurant patrons for centuries.

This book covers absolutely every aspect of grape growing, harvesting, wine making, including wine faults, labels, wine assessing and marketing in 26 succinct chapters starting with viticulture and ending with how grocery chain wine buyers and other organizations travel and select brands. This chapter refers to the United Kingdom exclusively.

The glossary is extensive, and informative for anyone who drinks wine, writes, or teaches about wine.

This is an excellent, well-researched book, written clearly, following a logical path from the beginning to the end.

Highly recommended to all involves with wine, be it making, selling, distributing, teaching, or consuming it!

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