How to know which wine suits your personality.


Do you seem to be confused about choosing the perfect wine which would absolutely suit and complement your personality? Well there are few tricks and tips which might help you get out of this confusion over wines.

There’s a wine to define your personality.

It must be quite surprising to know that your preferred wine is often a reflection of your own personality. For instance if you like Merlot; then it might signify that there is a mystical side in you, which is slightly mischievous but surely makes you the most unique one in the party.

Behavior and character related traits.

People mostly exhibit few distinct behavioral traits pertaining to their occupation, environment, hobbies, upbringing and nature. If you keep an eye on yourself then that might be quite beneficial for you to guess the type of wine that suits you the best. For instance, a contemporary writer or novelist is usually expected to be open minded. Hence, various research and worldwide surveys have stated that writers today generally prefer wines that express a distinct sense of place.

Find your wine personality.

You need to judge yourself very well and understand which one you prefer.

Riesling – is sweet and floral.

For instance, if you are neat, attractive and sweet by nature then Riesling might be the perfect wine for you. It is genuinely sweet, floral and goes with a variety of food as well as a safe bet in a mixed crowd. Riesling can be regarded to be quite pleasant whether made in a dry style or in a sweet style.

Chardonnay – is interesting and unpredictable.

Do people often regard you as interesting? Do you think you are fun loving, trendy, materialistic and colorful by nature? If yes, then your wine personality is likely to be Chardonnay as it’s absolutely interesting and unpredictable. This is because you never know what exactly you’re going to get. Chardonnay flavors usually may range from toasty, rich, tropical, acidic and buttery to tart. So ask yourself whether you are ready to indulge?

Cabernet Sauvignon – is bold and intense.

Do you love sports and the color red as well as have an intense personality? If your answers are positive, then Cabernet Sauvignon seems to be your wine personality as it’s bold, direct and intense. Its taste range from ripe fruit flavors to rich tannins. Cabernet Sauvignon goes very well with bold food and intense ambience.

Pinot Noir – is smart and perfect

Is yellow your favorite color? Do you have a smart personality and love to dress in an uncluttered and neutral manner? If yes then Pinot Noir is likely to suit your personality, as it has its own way to flourish and achieve the golden perfection.

Choose your wine wisely.

So, next time if you have trouble deciding which wine to drink for the weekend; then please don’t get confused, rather act wisely. You can surely identify your wine personality and choose the wine that suits you the best.

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