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Wine Tasting June 11 Vintages Release Recommendations

Wine tasting

Wine Tasting June 11

Vintages releases more than 100 wines on a bi-weekly basis. This division of the L C B O has become the go-to source of wine aficionados to satisfy their curiosity in new taste profiles.

It is undeniable that the division has immaculate data on sales and has decided to concentrate in offering mostly wines with price-points between $ 15.00 to $ 20.00.

The extraordinarily famous brands (i.e classified Bordeaux chateaux, or Grand cru Burgundy, cult California cabernet sauvignons) of which there are few, are handled by the “Classics catalogue releases”.

All of these are seasonal, supplemented by the “Essentials” where all brands are always available, whereas on Vintages regular releases once the shipment is sold out, the next one may never appear again, or at best next year.

This release is themed sparkling wines and zinfandel.

The popularity of sparkling wines has increased exponentially in the last decade, thanks mainly to prosecco wines from Veneto (Italy), They cost a fraction of champagne or Franciacorta, are fruity, easy to enjoy, and to discuss among friends.

In this release, the majority of sparklers offered are prosecco. Only one champagne, a few sparkling Burgundies, sparkling Alsatians, and sparkling South African wines are offered

Zinfandel, now acclimatized to California’s climate, originates in Croatia, and came to the U.S.A via Puglia in southern Italy.

There are various styles of zinfandel in the market, including the “white zinfandel” which for a while was very popular.

When grown on appropriate soils and in microclimates, zinfandel can yield fine fruit that knowledgeable and caring winemakers convert to extraordinary wines.

The majority of zinfandel produced in California is heavy, over-the-top fruity, with residual sugar to please the mainstream wine drinker.

In this release, some of six zinfandels are offered.

I selected two that taste better than most I remember tasting over the past decades.

The one sherry, in this release, that you should purchase, is truly a fine wine to pair with tapas, but carries a terrific price to boot.


1792 Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Barton Distilling, Kentucky, U S A
A complex and flavourful Bourbon with vanilla, banana, and apple notes. Some caramel flavours on the palate are noticeable. A fine Bourbon at 45.85 per cent ABV yet mellow.
$ 49.95

Bunnahabhain Islay 12 Year-Old Single Malt
Burn Stewart, Scotland
Appealing caramel, and decaying leaf aromas waft out of the glass . A “sweet” tasting whisky with smoky flavours. Very appealing, with  a complex mouth feel.
$ 89.95

Also recommended

Signature Very Special Bas Armagnac,
Chateaude Laubade
700 ml., $ 39.95

Mochrie Moor, Single Mlt, Isle of Arran, Scotland
700ml., $ 89.95

Fortified wine

La Gutia Manzanillaherry, Hijos Rinera Perez Marin, San Lucar De Barrameda, Jerez de La Fronetera, Spain
Aromas of tobacco, almond and dried fruits dominate the nose. Very pale, medium weight, dry, but nutty. An authentic low-lcohol ( 15 per cent ABV) light, food-friendly sherry to be enjoyed chilled with tapas or Middle eastern meze.
$ 15.95

Sparkling wines

Classic Brut Champagne, Deutz, Champagne, France
Outstanding champagne imbued with mienrality and pleasant acid back bone. Light, brimming with berry and almond flavours. Ready to enjoy.
375ml., $ 34.95

Blanc de Noirs, Chandon  S A, California
An appealing well-made sparkler using the laborious methodeChampenoise. Nicely balanced and harmonious.
$ 30.95

Organic Brut Sparkling, Emiliana, Casablanca Valley, Chile
A blend of chardonnay and pinot noir with a pale straw colour and vigorous effervescence. Aromas of apples, lemons, melons and honey mingle. In the mouth the wine displays herbal flavours.
A crisp sparkler with good acidity to pair with creamy dishes, i.e chicken breast beurre blanc or breaded and fried chicken breast Marechal.
$ 15.95

White wines

cuvee Alexandre Chardonnay, 2013, Casa Lapostolle, Casablanca valley, Chile
Brilliant deep yellow colour. Appel aromas lead to a full bodied mouth feel. Fruity with a honeyed tinge. A rich, satisfying chardonnay expertly made.
Balanced with a long aftertaste.
$ 24.95

Also recommended

Sketches Of Niagara Riesling, Tawse, Niagara peninsula, Ontario, Canada
$ 17.85

Chardonnay, 2013, St Francis, Sonoma County, California
$ 19.95

Dr. L Riesling, 2014, Loosen Brothers, Mosel, Germany
$ 13.95

Rose wines

Rose, 2015, Xavier, Rhone Valley, France
$ 16.95

Rose, 2015, Conde valdemar, Rioja, Spain
$ 13.95

Red wines

Clos Des Coucheraux Beaune Premier Cru, 2013, Domaine des Heritiers Louis Jadot, Burgundy, France

A floral, fruity, light, balanced, delicious red Burgundy. Medium weight with a fine midpalate an precise finish
$ 67.95

Lytton Spring, 2013, Ridge Winery, California
A bland of zinfandel, petit syrah, carignane, and mourvedre, this powerful wine (14.3 per cent ABV) offers dark blueberry,mocha, leather, and liquorice aromas.
A compelling full-bodied, well balanced and superb wine. cellar for at least five years, possibly longer for more complexity
$ 57.95

Vinedos de San Vicente, 2011, Lindes de Remelluri,Rioja
Deep dark brilliant red. Compelling aromas of black cherries, and spicy notes lead to a complex, full bodied red wine. Pair with deeply flavoured foods to enjoy it at its fullest. Cellar for two to three years.
$ 27.95

Antica cabernet Sauvignon, 2013, Antinori family estates, Napa Valley, California
$ 75.95

Diversion Majic red, 2013, Rainier Wine, Washington State,
$ 18.95

Cabernet Sauvignon, 2011, Forest Hill Estate, Western Australia
$ 29.95

Triptych, 2013, Cathedral Cellar, Western cape, South Africa
$ 16.95

Le Poete Vaqueyras, 2013, Domaine La Fourmone, Rhone Valley, France
$ 29.95

Gotim Bru, 2012, Castell del Remei, Costers del Segre, Spain
$ 19.95

Basilico Solatio Riserva Chianti Classico, 2010, Cafaggio, Tuscany, Italy
$ 39.95