Wine tourism activities you should do while travelling.

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Wine tourism, also known as Vinitourism or Enotourism, is quickly shaping as the finest leisure activity amongst people that have already explored a better part of the world or want a relaxed vacation that is focused around good wine and good food. This kind of tourism is focused primarily on travelers visiting famous vineries or requesting a tasting of their favorite kinds of wine. However, there are plenty of wine tourism activities that you can take on while travelling to make your vacation even more memorable. Here are the top activities that you can enjoy during your enotourism vacay.

Winery stays

For your enotourism vacation, you should begin with a stay at the winery itself. These accommodations are usually located within the vineyards or around the winery though sometimes the visitors can also request if they can camp somewhere within the campus.

Winery tours

If you already have booked a place to stay near a winery and are interested in touring a nearby winery, you can enquire about the tours that the winery gives out. At times, an expert winemaker or the owner of the winery itself joins a tour and provides the group with insights about the establishment, their achievements, their best wine years, their personal observations about the produce and the industry. These tours can be very informative for wine lovers as well as people working in the food and wine industry.

Introduction to the vinification process

There are wineries and vineyards that choose to keep their wine-making process strictly guarded though there are others that are a lot more open to sharing their know-how with the general public. These wineries often provide tours of their vinification processes and the kind of technologies that are used in the wine making process.

Wine tastings

Wine tasting in an integral part of the enotourism process and provide travelers with a great way to buy some of the most popular wines, on site. Such tastings also allow people to discern the differences between the harvests of various years in great detail which makes it easier for them to make informed purchases while picking up some amazing bits of information for their anecdotes and dinner convos. Some wineries also provide full meals with their tastings which enriches the tour for wine connoisseurs.

Cycling and riding though famed wine routes

The recognition that the enotourism industry has received of late has pushed winemakers and local tour and travel agencies to include bicycle tours of vineyards and vineries in their programs. For the disabled and the elderly, electrically assisted bikes are also available and some tours also allow travelers to travel through these famed wine routes in horseback and in carriages.

Wine and art exhibitions

If you want to immerse yourself in the enotourism experience, you must ensure that your travel coincides with a local wine and art exhibition. These exhibitions often draw the best winemakers from a region which makes making informed purchases very easy for buyers. There are also a number of informative and cultural events that go with the wine festival and draw a number of international and local artists of note too.

Wine crushing

If you happen to be visiting a winery during the harvesting season, you may be able to witness the wine crushing process first hand. And if you have been stringent with your pedicure regimen, then you may even be allowed to participate in an old fashioned wine crushing program and experience the thrill of feeling the ripe grapes crush and exude their juices right under your feet. If you’re lucky, you may even get to take some of the wine you made yourself home with you for a fair price or as a complementary gift from the winery.

Local cultural and sports activities

Most vineyards and wineries are situated in historic locales. This gives them a distinct heritage-y feeling and businesses in the surrounding towns and villages often partner up with the prominent winery of their locale to promote local cultural and sports activities. If you plan your visit in advance, you may be able to catch a major local festival in full swing which could further enhance your enotourism visit. For travelling visiting prominent wine making regions like Italy, France or Argentina, such a visit could be very culturally immersive indeed.

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