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Two wines you must try

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Cellar Selection Chardonnay, 2012, from Sileni Estates in New Zealand emanates melon and stone fruit aromas underlined with almond flavours. It is an easy drinking wine, enjoyable now with all

types of seafood dishes, chicken in cream sauce, and soft cheeses.

Chardonnay is now the most widely planted white grape variety in the world, surpassing airen from Spain.

Sileni Estates located in the North Island’s Hawkes Bay region, excels in producing fine wines that can be enjoyed as aperitifs or with food. Most are relatively low in alcohol making them most suitable with food.

The price in Ontario $ 15.90 is more than reasonable and represents good value.

Poquito Moscato from Valencia in Spain, is an absolutely delightful, low alcohol ( 5 per cent ABV) fruity, off dry, highly fragrant and enjoyable wine.

You drink it at Sunday brunch, or as a nightcap before retiring to bed, or as a pick me up around 4 p m.

Made from the highly aromatic Muscate d’Alexandrie (Moscatel de Alejandria) by cool-fermentation to preserve fruit aromas, this wine will delight your palate.

Poquito Moscato smells of peaches and flowers. While it displays a pleasant sweetness, it is not cloying.

The price in Ontario $ 5.95 is more than reasonable.