Wines of Brazil 2012 Toronto Trade Tasting.


Everyone thinks of Brazil as a tropical country with beautiful beaches, Carnival, soccer and mulatas. But Brazil, one of the 10 largest economies of the world, also produces wine, and now many Brazilians enjoy wine as an aperitif, or social drink or with dinner.

Brazil is a big and diverse country with different climates. In the south, winters are cold, and sometimes snow covers the ground.

In the last five years representatives and often owners of Brazilian wineries have made a “pilgrimage” to Toronto top showcase their wines. The quality is improving with every passing year.

There are now four appellations – Serra Gaucha, close to the border of Uruguay with basaltic soils and moderate climate.

In Barzil locating vineyards on high altitudes moderates high temperatures. Here the average is 640 metres above sea level; Campanha and Serra Sudeste on latitude 30 – 31 south close to the Uruguay border with minimum and maximum temperatures between 12 – 14; Planalto Catarinense, south of Sao Paolo, with vineyards on 1150 metres above sea level and vale do Sao Francisco on latitude 8 south. Here the average vineyard elevation is 366 metres above sea level with minimum and maximum temperatures oscillating between 20/32.

The 2012 Toronto Trade Show’s best wines were:

Sparkling wines

Monte Paschoal Moscatel, Basso Vinhos e Espumantes – sparkling, excellent muscat aromas, balanced, sweet, with a pleasant finish

Brut Rose Sparkling, Aurora – Brazil’s largest winery produces significant amounts of wine. Sparkling wines constitute a large portion of the entire production.
This is a lively, clean tasting sparkling wine.

Sparkling Rose, Geisse – This is arguably the best sparkling wine producer in Brazil. The bubbles were very fine, and indication that it was produced by the methode champenoise. Dry, balanced, light, fruity and with a good acidity.

Whites wines

Chardonnay, 2012, Pizzato – Aromas of apples and pears dominate the nose. Balanced, medium-bodied, dry with a fine finish.

Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva, 2009, Aurora Medium-bodied, fruity, with a short finish.

Merlot, 2009, Miolo
Merlot is arguably the best-suited grape variety for Brazil’s climate and soil conditions. This is a fruity, balanced, medium-bodied, and well-extracted wine with a long and satisfying finish.

Paralelo Premium, 2007, Rio Sol – Blended using cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and tannat. Fruity, full bodied, well extracted, with a good “grip”.
Needs fatty food to compensate for the gritty tannins.

All of the above brands are available through agencies in Toronto. For specific agents contact

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