World’s Best and Worst Aiports.

airportWorld’s Best and Worst Aiports

Air travel appears to be most popular for long distance travel. Tourists and business people prefer using this method of transportation.

Despite the inconvenience of time-consuming, and occasionally intrusive body and luggage controls, people fly, even, pay high prices.

These days many airlines, especially in Europe and Far East, that offer extremely low prices compete successfully with rail travel.

Frequent airline passengers quickly discover the best and worst designed airports. The best-designed airports facilitate all controls and direct passengers to their designated gate with ease and after a short walk. Waiting areas are well lit and minimally, but tastefully decorated.

Security measures don’t appear everywhere. All are discreetly located, including cameras.

If you fly say from a major North American airport to a secondary city in Europe, the layover airport and its design becomes an important feature.

The International Airport of Vienna (Schwechat) for example is poorly designed. The gates are poorly marked, but more importantly, fail to guide passengers efficiently.

If you are flying from any North American major city to Yerevan in Armenia you must wait in Vienna from 8 a.m to 11 p.m. This can be a very trying time, as there are no banks or comfortable chairs to rest, the gates are assigned only two hours before departure, and overall you will be very uncomfortable, unless you exit and walk across the building and check in at the hotel. The day occupancy rate is high but if you can afford it and value your comfort then proceed.

A few new and thoughtfully designed airports offer comfortable chaise long that offer you comfortable seating and allow you to relax. Some offer even convenient “mini rooms” and/or relaxing message services.

London’s Heathrow is a terrible airport. Waiting areas are poorly designed add-ons, gates are very far from check-in counters and if you happen to get stuck because of fog or other poor weather conditions, you have no place to sit comfortably. The original building was simply not designed for today’s traffic and all additional buildings fail to address the problem of efficient foot traffic.

The same is true for New York’s J F Kennedy Airport and those that were designed early in the 20th century.

Here are the best airport (In no particular order)

Copenhagen Castrup, Denmark
International Airport Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
International Airprot Auckland, New Zealand
Kloten, Zurich, Switzerland
Schiphol Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Capitol international Airport Beijig, China
Munich International Airport, Germany
International Airport Incheon, South Korea
Changi Airport, Singapore
International Airport, Hong Kong

The Worst Airports

London Luton, England
London Heathrow, England
O’Hare Chicago, U.S.A.
Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Philippines
International Airport Los Angeles, U.S.A
Sheremetyevo, Moscow (Moscow has three airports)
Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Paris, France
Beauvais Airport, Paris, France

The best airport to relax

Changi, Singapore
Incheon, South Korea
International Airport Hong Kong
Schiphol, Amsterdam
International Airport Munich, Germany
International Airport, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia, Canada
Kloten, Zurich, Switzerland
International Air Port, San Francisco, U.S.A.


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