The Yellow Tail brand – an Australian wine legend


The success of Yellow Tail is unique. It remains 100 per cent family owed and operated by the Casella family. Filippo Casella settled in Australia from Sicily in 1965 and set up Casella Wines in 1969. His son John Casella took the reins of the winery in 1994 and created the Yellow Tail brand 12 years ago.

More than 500 Australians, who help cerate the brand and meet global demand every day, maintain family values behind t he label.

Yellow Tail is produced with a simple philosophy in mind – to make a fine wines that can be enjoyed by everyone on any occasion.

Since its introduction in North America more than a decade ago, Canada has become the second largest market for the brand and number in the country.

Yellow Tail’s position as Australia’s foremost labels was reinforced earlier this year when the brand declared the Most Powerful Australian Wine brand in the World.

The marketing department that came up with the name must be congratulated, as animal labels outsell all others 2 : 1 and Yellow Tail is America’s best selling wine brand.

Consider the fact that out of 400 wine brands in the last three years only four remain in the market place.

In Canada Yellow Tail remains successful in all major provinces.

These days, the wine drinking youth seems to be more interested in consistency of taste and flavour which Yellow Tail delivers all the time.

John Casella the family scion is now sourcing fruit from 500 growers around Australia in an attempt to offset climatic conditions ripening inconsistencies.

Now, he has launched Yellow Tail Reserve for those who look for more depth and flavour in their wines.

So successful has been the red wine, that Casella Winery makes and markets Yellow Tail white and sparkling both of which are popularly prices, fruit-driven, smooth wines, pleasing both young and mature palates.

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