Yukon – A Land of Unclaimed Mountains and Unseen Views.


This vast territory in northwestern Canada is still pristine wilderness with 5000-meter peaks, forested valleys, unspoiled waters and untamed wildlife.

Well-travelled Europeans from overpopulated countries discovered Yukon a few years ago, and come to this enchanted region in droves to enjoy nature at its best without having to share it with crowds of people.

With jet travel, you can each Yukon from any European capital in less than 18 hours with one or two transfers in Toronto or Vancouver, then Edmonton and Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon.

The Yukon is home to more tan 160 000 caribou, 70 000 moose, 22 000 mountain sheeps, 6 000 grizzly bears, 220 species of birds, and 34 000 humans. Some of Yukon’s national parks can compare to the size of small sovereign countries in Europe.

If your passion is for wild things, Yukon represents one of the world’s last frontiers. You can take long, relaxing walks, bike to your heart’s content, observe wildlife, canoe the rivers, or enjoy world class rafting.

In winter, skiing, dog mashing, snow walking, and snowmobiling are popular sports.

From September to April, the aurora borealis take up residence in Yukon. Depending on weather condition, you can spend hours transfixed by a heavenly display of shimmering and dancing colours shifting overhead.

Yukon’s 14 First Nations were the first inhabitants of the region and established their unique culture. They still speak eight different languages and maintain their traditions.

If you are adventurous, you can drive the historic Alaska Highway, the famous northern route that winds through eight Yukon communities, a national park, major attractions and Yukon’s capital Whitehorse.

The US army in 1942 built the Alaska Highway as a strategic road at a record time (one year).

Whitehorse was founded as a result of the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898 with the arrival of thousands of reckless adventurers hoping to become rich fast.

Today, Whitehorse is a vibrant small city with gold courses, hot springs, excellent museums and many other interesting sights including the sternwheeler s/s Klondike on the riverfront.

At night after dinner, take in a cancan presentation and afterwards enjoy lively conversations with locals over a beer or a glass of wine.


is a unique destination worth considering this year. You will be pleasantly surprised!


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