This citrus is popping up on all kinds of menus, and people interested in tasting a variety of foods are eagerly ordering dishes containing yuzu juice or sections of the fruit.

The size of this East Asian citrus ranges from a small orange to a grapefruit.

It is uneven skinned and frost resistant up to – 9 C. The frost resistant attribute allows farmers to grow it in the colder parts of China, Tibet, Korea, and Japan.

Tart in taste, yuzu juice is used in dressings, to flavour beer, cider, soft drinks, fish dishes, dipping sauces, for seared tuna tataki, sashimi, or shabu shabu.

It is available in juice form, dried rind, and vinegar.

Yuzu tastes tart with the bitterness of grapefruit, the sweetness of ripe mandarin orange and is highly aromatic.

You can try yuzu with soy or miso for sauces or marinades, or blend in mayonnaise for grilled fish or seafood.



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